Interactive Agency
Main responsibilities: Information Architecture

Clients: Chrysler Financial, Avery & Nike


I was only at the Agency for 7 months due to agency client budget issues. In my time I worked as an information architect on several projects. typically we were a team of 3 - the IA, a business analyst and a project manager.


Chrysler Financial - This was my first project. I inherited the project from another designer. I was paired with a Project Manager and we were flown out to Detroit for a week to be onsite to work out the business requirements with the main stakeholders at Chrysler Financial. This was a lease-end project for when it is time for a consumer lease has ended and it is time to return their leased car back to Chrysler.

When you lease a car and its time to return it at the end of your lease period, there are some options, such as the user can purchase the vehicle or trade it for another lease to name 2. Credit is a factor and there were online forms that needed to be created with database considerations in mind. I had to walk through this form with the stakeholders and validate every element since a key omission could create a database headache.

Ultimately we developed the users flows, a technical design and I produced the wireframes that were used by visual designers and enginerers as reference. The client was happy, which was great because their prior interaction with the Agency had been negative and they had been on-guard. So after that I was hired on-board to iCrossing full time.

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