Art Director/UI Coder - UltraConversions

I designed Third party ads in Photoshop that would be placed on high traffic websites. Once approved I would build them in html/css and then link up the ads with the affiliate codes and run our advertising campaigns.

We had a lot of traffic and would be able to test ads within days and hours. I managed many campaigns for many products.  I would continue to A/B test and refine the ads to constantly improve click-thru and conversion numbers. I learned a lot about the effects of psychology and advertising and use still use those techniques today.

Affiliate Manager - Alena Division

Alena was a PPC, CPA, media buying division where I was given the post of affiliate manager and also became the webmaster for the corporate online affiliate program. I was in charge of helping the large pool of smaller affiliates that had mostly been neglected until I arrived. The other media buys focused on large accounts.

As the new affiliate manager I was tasked with:

  • improving the user experience of the website, which included a html/css redesign
  • acting as a liaison and helper to over 300 client vendors
  • to improve the monthly cash revenue (to which I created a 10x fold increase from 5K to 50k a month)
  • Created and implemented UX for online marketing strategies including website dev, ad campaign management
  • Overhauled Affiliate Program architecture & design; resulting in a 600% increase in affiliate participation
  • Designed, coded, analyzed and optimized product campaigns; clients saw an increase of 300% in business
  • Grew new up-sell division to be top Income contributor for eUniverse after 12 months: over $1.2 million in revenue


This post was similar to a Product Owner except I had production level design and coding responsibilities as well.