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Banking & Financial Industry 

Main Focus: Mobile Banking, Corporate Deposits & Global Treasury Management Online Banking. 

Responsible for Interaction Design *and* Visual Design of Online Banking for Corporate Deposits and Global Treasury Management products. These products are used by top financial industry clients such as Fidelity Mutual.

Services performed:
             -Interaction design / UI Design
             -Navigation structures
             -Information designs
             -Personas/User Journeys
             -Prototyping (Axure)
             -Workflow models
             -A/B testing
             -User interface designs
             -Accessibility and Section 508 compliance WCAG ADA


Onine Banking
Projects typically involved working with Product Owners who provided the business requirements. Following a UCD approach, we would create all UX related deliverables.

Once we worked out the design and navigation we would do user testing to validate the use cases and confirm the user could accomplish them. Sometimes this meant going onsite to see a client to get feedback on a system design that they will eventually use at the bank. Since these systems are designed with clients in mind, it is critical to validate their workflow.


Working on the Commercial side I was able to create new designs or improve systems for Web Wire Import (dealing with money wire transfers, of millions of dollars per wire), Check retrieval system for financial reporting, check cashing by taking a picture with smartphone (this was new at the time), and other financial related commercial products.

Ultimately I am well suited in Commercial and Enterprise environments and look forward to the most challenging complex business requirements, system design and use cases.


Mobile Banking
Spearheaded Mobile Banking Application for both Consumer and Commercial business. We worked with an agency of record for the creation of Personal Mobile Banking application and I acted as point representative for the bank meaning I had to give feedback on agency designs and inform them of our intended Customer Experience. After the Personal Mobile Banking application was finished the agency was released.

My next task was to create Commercial Mobile Banking. Since Online Commercial Banking was already my UX domain, it was up to me to create the mobile uses cases, site maps, functional specs, interaction design, wireframes, interactive html prototypes for user testing, refinements, more refinements, pixel-perfect PSD's , production web assets and finally mobile testing which was exhausting because we supported many devices. At the time, in addition to iOS and Android, we also supported blackberry and others.